Migration Medicine

Humanity is on the move and knowledge is in flow – as the blood is in the blood vessels.

It has long become the norm that people from many different cultures live in Germany. Most of the resident immigrants, already live here in the third and fourth generation. Moreover, in view of the – mostly politically motivated – rapid and steadily rising migration movement of recent years, many new immigrants and refugees have arrived in Germany. This means that clinical medicine in Germany must increasingly face a new epidemiology. The prevalence of so-called common diseases are changing, but also the risk factors for new diseases are subject to constant change.

Only very slowly does this idea find its way into pharmacology and gender medicine: namely, that research can no longer only use the defined norm of the “white, eighteen-year-old, healthy, male, hetero-sexual middle European” as a worldwide basis for epidemiology, metabolism and treatment response.
The EFVM is committed to bringing this aspect into focus through the term “migration medicine”.

Realities of life are changing – knowledge is in flow. This must also be reflected in modern medicine. In the spirit of heraclitic aphorism: “Panta Rhei” (ancient Greek: “everything flows”): Being is not static, but dynamically grasped as eternal change. Being is the becoming of the whole. But behind the incessant flow is unity: unity in multiplicity and multiplicity in unity.